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Is Ban Chang Still Worth a Visit From Pattaya?

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In this episode we venture to Ban Chang and check into a hotel right in the middle of town. Afterwards we enjoy a meal at a local eatery and take a look at the entertainment strip which seems to be business as usual. In the evening we go to visit a new establishment which is a venue for aspiring musicians to try their hand at live performance, hosted by Youtuber Teacher Thomas in Thailand. After a tour of the venue, we enjoy the rest of the evening in Ban Chang. The next day we head off to a very unique coffee shop and meet up with Cee Jay Same Same but Different. After a coffee together we venture off to see some of the other attractions close to Ban Chang only to encounter a rare power outage which leaves us both a bit in the dark. Enjoy the Ride!

Hotel - 12.724662, 101.050081
Restaurant - 12.725831, 101.049852
Open Mic - 12.670780, 101.045262
Coffee Plane - 12.756827, 100.991415
Dyno Shop - 12.714160, 100.974615
Scenic View Point - 12.596393, 100.963126
Biker's Cafe - 12.678013, 100.959229
Restaurant - 12.763439, 100.991275

#BanChang #Thailand #Pattaya

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