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LK Metro Pattaya, late night look around at 11.30pm (September 2020)

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LK Metro Pattaya is ticking over and by far much busier than Walking Street. A few clubs appeared to be done and dusted, Pulse and Devils Den are two that will not reopen their doors. Touch Agogo, Champagne Agogo and Showgirls remain closed with no sign of life they are going to reopen soon.

LK Metro is one of the more popular areas of Pattaya, there is some activity but we will know more once the VISA amnesty is over at the end of this month. Perhaps there will be a few more businesses that simply cannot survive. Such a sad situation we are seeing unfold right before our very eyes.

There was quite a bit more activity around Soi Buakhao and LK Metro. Pattaya will take a long time to recover from the COVID19 problems for sure but you can't say they are not trying.

If you like the entertainment in LK Metro and around Pattaya, you may have a long wait on your hands before it returns in full swing.

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